Workplace Coffee Today Has To Be As Good As The Coffee House

office coffee service in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolina

Workplace Coffee Today Has To Be As Good As The Coffee House

Consumers like having coffee in the Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolina workplace; this is nothing new. But as coffee tastes have changed and become more refined, employees expect their workplace coffee to be just as good as what they serve themselves at home or buy at the gourmet coffee house.

Workplace coffee is no longer something employers can view as a secondary concern. It is serious business for an employer interested in having productive employees. Employers need their coffee service to be first rate. To have a coffee service that can fit the bill, they need a real coffee professional.

The goal of today’s coffee service professional is to provide a café experience in the workplace. They are following in the footsteps of specialty roasters that preserved that peak experience decades ago. The gourmet cafes, in turn, delivered this freshness using one-way valve bags and door-to-store shipping of whole bean coffees.

So just who is a coffee professional? Someone who has mastered the art and science of coffee. A coffee service professional knows all about office coffee service Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolinatoday’s coffee trends. And they understand the nuances of specialty coffee, which has gone mainstream in the last two decades. According to Mintel research, the majority of coffee consumed in the U.S. is now “specialty coffee.”

What types of nuances do coffee professionals understand?

They know that brewing coffee is an art form. The taste of a cup of coffee is determined by many things, including the coffee’s origin (elevation, amount of rain, shade, temperature), roasting (temperature, bean type) and brewing machine (water temperature, extraction). They understand the art and science behind the perfect brew, and how to deliver it to the customer.

Specialty coffees begin with unique genetic and agricultural origins of coffee plants and their cherries and seeds. Processing techniques and careful preparation enhance the potentials of these seeds, so that they may bear up under the transit from origin without losing their unique essences.

Coffee pros have learned the agro sciences of growing and harvesting, processing and transporting coffee, which prepare and preserve the essences of the precious coffee seeds — so that they might be transformed by the work of coffee roasters.

Several years ago, consumers queued up for hot and cold specialty coffee beverages that we really could not make at home or in the office.

Today, the workplace has taken its position at the helm of the specialty coffee revolution.

Keurig unleashed the demand for a convenient “gourmet” solution. Nestle also played an important role with its Nespresso solution.

One by one, office coffee service professionals have come on board, tapping  the services of organizations like the National Automatic Merchandising Association and the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Many have also learned from roasters and brewing equipment companies, as well as consultants.

Today’s workplace has to provide the same quality coffee that coffee house provide and the same quality that consumers are preparing in their home. Is your coffee service provider truly a professional in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolina? Call Cromer Food Services at 800.922.3174 for a free no-obligation consultation of your break room needs.