Meet the future of vending machine payments!

Technology that provides better service and a greener world.

Cromer Food Service is investing in the latest vending machine advancements to show our commitment to providing superior service and the environment. By utilizing wireless technology we can see what items need restocking in your vending machines without leaving the warehouse. This lets us make deliveries when and where needed, while eliminating unnecessary trips that waste gas and add to air pollution.

Customizing vending machines for your location is another way Cromer Food Services is utilizing modern vending technology. We can now offer credit and debit card acceptance on Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson area vending machines as well as the ability to add mobile payment via a secure and easy to use PayRange solution.

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Take beverage pre-kitting to the next level with Lightspeed.

Join Dave Marler, VP of Sales & Marketing at Lightspeed Automation, for an inside look at Cromer Food Services’ new pre-kit beverage warehouse. After outgrowing their previous space, Cromer designed and built a new space where they could pick on one line using Lightspeed.

Today, Cromer has eliminated inefficiencies and sped up the pre-kitting process enabling them to pre-kit nearly 31,000 bottles per day.

Modern vending technology meets better service

Today’s technology tools make our vending machine service faster, more accurate, and environmentally friendly.


We monitor each of our vending machines so we know what is needed before we leave the warehouse.


Having cash is no longer an issue thanks to the addition of cashless payment acceptance on Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson vending machines.


This easy to use mobile app allows your employees and guests to pay with their smartphone on PayRange enabled vending machines.


Give your break room the personality or corporate identity that fits your business with special graphics fronts.


Using a pick to light system in our warehouse ensures your vending machine items are the right ones.



Users can communicate a service issue or request a product directly to us by visiting the mobile site listed on the vending machine.


Each Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolina vending machine we place meets the generic energy efficient equipment standards.


We are proud to practice recycling in our warehouse including the hundreds of pounds of cardboard delivered each week.

Second Place Winner Of Verizon Innovation Award

Cromer Food Services worked with technology partners Verizon and USA Technologies in order to offer cashless payment acceptance on many of our vending machines. Now we can accept credit and debit cards or mobile payments. We have also started utilizing handhelds and new technologies that allow us to provide better customer service, improve sales, and eliminate unnecessary vehicles on the road.

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Mobile Vending App

In the event of an issue, your employees and guests can easily communicate it directly to us via our vending mobile app. It takes them to an easy to use page where they can leave feedback, report an issue, request a product and more.

Really make your break room your own with customized vending machine fronts.

Innovate your break room with technology that keeps your markets fresh and full! Call us at 800-922-3174 or email us at