What makes our customers love us?

"Top notch company!!! Been doing business with them for 10+ years and have always been very satisfied with the professionalism, customer service and quality of food and drinks."

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"Cromer Food Services treats you like you are their only customer, but they have the resources needed to get you what you want, when you want it!"

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"Many of our associates comment on how much better the service is. Wish we had made the change several years ago."

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"Any issue is addressed immediately. Even in the heat of South Carolina in the summer."

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"[Greg] makes it seem like nothing is too much to ask for!"

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"Courteous and professional."

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"A dream to work with!"

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"Super convenient!"

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"Really nice people."

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"Cromer is always a step ahead of the game. Since they took over our vending services, we've had no issues. Always a pleasure speaking to their team when onsite and Jeff is great to work with!"



"Cromer has been servicing our vending machines here at the Sheriff's Office for around four to five years. Thte customer service is exceptional, dependeble, and trustworthy. Excellent."



"Cromer does a great job with making sure everything in our machines are fresh and they give awesome customer service. Jeff and his team will make a special trip if we are out of something and are always on top of making sure we are completely satisfied. We highly recommend them!"



“Cromer has done an excellent job being a responsive and professional vendor, providing drinks, snacks, and meals to our employees. Their catering services make it easy on the employer to provide a great meal for on-site appreciation events!”



I love using Cromer Food's fingerprint scan feature to check out on their kiosk, as well as to add funds to my account because I am the type of person who leaves her wallet and debit card in the car/or is just plain forgetful. LOL ... I am glad that our company has Cromer Foods as our vending and Micro-Market provider.


Every level within the company has shown me the highest level of customer service and professionalism. We consider them a strategic business partner. If we've ever had a problem... they've always been responsive and ready to help. I could not ask for a better marketplace vendor.


The reviews provided are sourced from the Google Business Profile of Cromer Food Services.

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