Make Snacking Easy: How Cromer Food Services Food Options Save You Money in the Greenville, Seneca, and Laurens Break Room

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Make Snacking Easy: How Cromer Food Services Food Options Save You Money in the Greenville, Seneca, and Laurens Break Room

Workplaces are changing, especially since the pandemic. There are more staff working from home or coming into the office only a few days a week. That makes it tricky to keep Greenville, SC break rooms stocked with great food options. Plus, cafeterias are expensive and have a lot of unused food that gets thrown away. But don’t worry, we can help! At Cromer Food Services, we’ll work with you to provide snacks and food your team will love without waste or hassle. It will have your team coming back to the office happy.

From Cafeterias to Micro-Markets

Cafeterias cost a lot of money to run. Between food waste, extra staff, and managing, it may no longer be the best break room option for you. Instead, try a Seneca, SC micro-market. It’s like a mini store on site with lots of crave-worthy food options. Plus, it’s open all day, everyday, thanks to self-checkout technology. It’s easy to shop in the market and pay using the touchscreen.

We change up the food menu for your team regularly to keep it a delicious perk. And there’s always a favorite snack option ready, including healthy alternatives to try. Cromer Food Services stocks the market for you and manages it, so it’s an easy solution that gives your team food options galore.

Vending Machines With Food Options

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If you have a smaller team, a food vending machine might be right for you. Today’s Laurens, SC vending machines are nothing like the vendors of old. Today’s look better and offer a wide range of food options. Not to mention, they take cashless payments. That makes it easy for employees to grab a snack or meal whenever they need it. Some vending machines can even offer ice cream, a cooling treat for summer months. Trust our vending machines to have what your employees need.

On-Demand Drink Options

Both vending machines and micro-markets offer cold drinks around the clock. It’s perfect for employees who need a quick hydration boost. But what about office coffee? Try going with a new single-cup coffee brewer. That way, every cup is fresh and tasty. Plus, there’s no wasted, stale coffee to toss at the end of the day. We can help you set up a Greenville, SC office coffee service that works best for your team.

Subsidizing Food Options

When replacing a cafeteria, it’s best to help your team with food costs. That’s why we offer a way to subsidize the products in your Seneca, SC micro-market or vending machine. Put a certain dollar amount in your employee micro-market account each month. Or, put the vending machine on free vend and cover the products consumed. We will provide a detailed invoice that makes it clear what you’re covering. There are even ways to lower the price by paying for part of the product costs. In the end, we have lots of options for you.

Still want to offer staff cost-free food? Try office pantry service where we find snacks, drinks, or food items to stock in your break room. You set the budget and we make it happen. It’s one invoice with no staffing or ordering hassles. It’s a great way to make employees feel appreciated, which means they come to work happier. And it’s more affordable than running a big cafeteria!

So, are you ready to save big on your Laurens, SC office refreshment services? Contact Cromer Food Services to get started! We have all the break room solutions you need in one place. Call us at 800.922.3174.