Boost Employee Wellness This Summer with Greenville, Seneca, and Laurens Micro-Market Solutions

Cromer FoodService Greenville, Seneca & Laurens Employee Wellness

Boost Employee Wellness This Summer with Greenville, Seneca, and Laurens Micro-Market Solutions

As the summer heats up, businesses must prioritize employee wellness. Scorching heat may lead to injuries and illnesses, like heat cramps and headaches. Want to help your team feel their best all season long? A Greenville micro-market promotes healthy habits. These Seneca break room services also help employees stay cool.

How? Keep reading to find out!

Create a Refreshing Wellness Oasis

Warmer weather and dehydration affect employees’ health and performance. Thus, you should create a workplace wellness oasis. This gives employees space to cool off and chill out.

Cromer Food Services can help! We provide much more than Laurens vending services. Our micro-markets are packed with fresh and refreshing healthy options. For instance, buy salads or fruit. These water-dense foods support health and hydration.

Healthy Hydration Supports Employee Wellness

Speaking of hydration, are your employees drinking enough fluids? If not, they can feel tired and have headaches. Worse yet, they’ll be more prone to heat-related illnesses.

Help them beat the heat with healthy hydration! They can grab bottled drinks from a Greenville beverage vending machine. However, our micro-markets have many more options! Employees can get cold-pressed juices or ice teas. Cromer Food Services also carries energy drinks and flavored water.

Want to stay cool while feeling energized? Add cold brew coffee to your Seneca office coffee services. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up and the perfect addition to your micro-market.

We also offer Laurens water filtration solutions. This makes water crisp, clear, and delicious. It also supports the environment by reducing plastic waste. Employees can refill their mugs!

Cromer FoodService Greenville, Seneca & Laurens Employee Wellness

Encourage Healthy Habits

Practicing healthy habits is important all year long. However, it’s especially crucial during the summer months. Help employees make better-for-you choices at work. This all starts with a workplace wellness plan. Encourage them to eat better. You can do this with a Greenville subsidized micro-market. Offer discounts on healthy items.

Additionally, inspire employees to move more. Host a work walk-a-thon or fun competitions. The employee with the most steps wins a prize! This also improves employee engagement and satisfaction.

Cromer Food Services Supports Employee Wellness

As you can see, employee wellness is essential. Cromer Food Services helps employees feel their best in the summer and year-round. That’s because our micro-markets have delicious and nutritious options. Buy fresh fruits, wraps, and healthy drinks. Employees don’t even need to drive to the store! Therefore, they save time and energy.

Want to learn more? Contact us today at 800.922.3174 for a product sampling. We offer Greenville vending, micro-market, water filtration, office coffee, and Seneca office pantry solutions. We look forward to chatting with you!