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Avoid long-term contracts that leave you with poor service and old technology

At Cromer Food Service we don’t believe in the Evergreen Contract that locks you into service for years without any guarantee of quality or upgrades.

Beware contracts that extend for years with a short window to legally terminate service. At Cromer Food Service we never trap our customers into these Evergreen Contracts. By automatically renewing, it often decreases the level of service and results in higher prices for the location with no upgrade in equipment or quality.

Always consider your vending, micro-market, and office coffee service options

New customer bonus

Opt for Cromer Food Service and you’ll get better service, more product variety, and a sign-up bonus.

Shop service pricing

Don’t settle for the one-size-fits-all pricing when you should be paying for what you get, no more or less.

Modern technology

Equip your break room with the latest vending machines, micro-market kiosks, brewers, and more.

Regular sampling events

Cromer Food Service offers regular food sampling to create a buzz and excitement around your break room.

Ongoing promotions & sales

Always get the best value with our continuous purchasing promotions and loyalty reward programs.

Unparalleled customer service

Our mission is to provide the best service in the area for your workplace, from vending to office coffee service.

Get a $25 Starbucks Gift Card for considering new service

If you have an Evergreen Contract, we encourage you to consider new service. Contact us within 120 days of your contract expiring and we will place a competitive bid nearly guaranteed to improve your break room and increase employee morale. Don’t wait. If your contract is within 120 days of expiring it’s a prime time to see what else is available. Plus, we provide a $25 Starbucks Gift Card to anyone who shares this information with us.

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