Hassle free offerings for your break room

We deliver the high quality eats and drinks that will add to your corporate culture and fit within your budget.

Are you already providing some food and drinks in the company kitchen, but it’s becoming too much work? Or are you looking for a way to improve the culture at your Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolina business? Cromer Food Services offers a time-tested solution with professional pantry service. It brings quality food into your break room offered free to employees, and one simple bill with reporting for your accounting department.

We have seen pantry service work time and again to attract and retain employees, reduce turnover, and drive up loyalty to a company. Offering free items to employees makes them feel happier, more engaged, and encourages them to spend time at work, instead of off-site seeing to eating and drinking needs. It’s the way to reward talented, hard working employees so they stay with your company.

Transform your break room into an employee retention tool with free food and drink pantry

Office Pantry Services in Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson, South Carolina
Pantry Options in Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson, South Carolina
  • Work Oasis

    Create an atmosphere with well-designed containers and displays for all pantry service offerings.

  • Grab and Go Options

    Ensure easy access to the beverages and snacks needed to keep focus and stay productive.

  • Deliciously Healthy

    Make eating well the easy choice by offering a range of free healthy items to your employees.

  • Terrific Benefit

    Give employees another reason to like where they work with delicious and consistent pantry service.

  • Professional Partner

    We can ensure your pantry service is done right — pleasing to employees and within budget.

  • Personalized Solutions

    Each pantry service program is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your unique location.

To understand how pantry service can make your break room better, contact Cromer Food Service at info@cfsvending.com or 800.922.3174.