Why Anderson Catering is the Best Break Room Option in 2023

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Why Anderson Catering is the Best Break Room Option in 2023

When it comes to quality catering, you have a choice: you can opt for a standard brand, or you can elevate your event by choosing Cromer Food Services. We’re all about supporting local Anderson businesses while entertaining and providing an unforgettable culinary experience. Our commitment to using locally sourced ingredients allows us to create dishes bursting with local flavors that truly represent the essence of our community.

Whether you’re organizing a conference or treating your employees to lunch, consider the advantages of catering from a local business like ours. By doing so, not only do you support your local economy, but you also provide your staff with a taste of their favorite local delights. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying familiar and beloved dishes that leave a lasting impression on everyone. It’s the Anderson break room your team has been waiting for!

So, why choose Cromer Food Services? Keep reading to find out why catering with Cromer is the best break room solution in 2023.

BBQs for Business Lunches Are Trending

Elevate your business lunches with the latest trend: BBQs. In 2023, immersive environments are all the rage, and nothing embodies this trend better than open-fire cooking and cultural culinary experiences. According to industry experts, these interactive and lively setups can make the professional workplace feel more fun.

By offering your employees this unique experience, you show them that you truly care. It’s not just about the food, it’s about creating memorable moments that contribute to their happiness and boost office morale. So, step away from the ordinary and ignite a new level of excitement in your workplace by indulging in the flavorful delights of a BBQ catering event.

Anderson Catering has an Extremely High ROI

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible bang for your buck with catered lunches! Believe it or not, studies have shown that companies investing in catered meals enjoy a ROI of 150%. Not only will you be supporting the health of your Anderson employees, but you’ll also be giving their productivity a massive boost. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When your hardworking team is well-fed and happy, they’ll bring their A-game, leading to improved efficiency and greater success for the whole gang. So, go ahead and treat your employees to some tasty catered goodness—the rewards are deliciously satisfying! You can book an event today.

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Classic American Lunches Are Successful

Don’t underestimate the power of classic American lunches! You might think BBQs are too basic, but think again. “Back to Basics” food is popular right now, featuring mouthwatering favorites like juicy hamburgers and sizzling hot dogs, all conveniently available through Cromer Food Services.

Lunch does not need to be fancy to hit the spot. Simple and effective is the name of the game! That’s why sandwiches and salads have become beloved office staples. These light options not only keep your employees fueled throughout the day but also bring a refreshing touch to their work routine. BBQs also create the perfect laid-back atmosphere for your team to collaborate outside the office. It’s an ideal way to recharge and boost company morale.

Let’s get grilling and spice up your Anderson office break room with some good old American classics! Anderson catering has never been easier.

Business Catering and More in Anderson

When it comes to office food options, Cromer has got you covered! No matter what type of office you have, we have a variety of delicious choices to satisfy every employee. Thanks to our in-house deli, you can enjoy fresh food that goes beyond catering. How about some convenient food vending machines, stocked micro-markets, or a fully supplied pantry service for your Anderson break room? We’ve got it all!

So, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or caterer, Cromer is the answer. To explore our mouthwatering offerings and book a caterer, reach us at info@cfsvending.com or 800.922.3174. Your Anderson catering dreams are just a click or call away with Cromer Food Services. We look forward to working with you!