4 Ways to Refresh Your Spartanburg Break Room Services for the New Year

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4 Ways to Refresh Your Spartanburg Break Room Services for the New Year

New year, new break room! Do your Spartanburg break room services need a refresh? If so, now’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your break room. Nobody likes a messy break room. A clean, welcoming break room is an employee oasis. Furthermore, it inspires positive performance.

Does your Spartanburg break room need a boost? If so, here are four ways to refresh it.

1. Micro-Market and Pantry Services

Spartanburg micro-markets are a great way to upgrade your break room. That’s because custom micro-markets fit everyone’s needs. For instance, you can store fresh food in the glass-front coolers. Or, keep snacks and candies in the customizable racks. Therefore, employees can enjoy endless varieties! You can even offer healthy options.

Additionally, a Spartanburg office pantry service is sure to please. Treat your team to free food! They’ll feel appreciated. Thus, you can retain top talent.

2. Beverage and Snack Vending Break Room Services

Spartanburg snack vending machines are super convenient. Employees have 24/7 access to their favorite foods. Cromer Foods Services is proud to also offer healthy vending options. Employees can grab fresh and healthy food. This keeps employees fit. Thus, they can achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

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Also, Spartanburg beverage vending machines keep employees hydrated. They have easy access to refreshing drinks. Do they want to avoid soda? No problem! We can stock your break room with different drinks. For instance, sparkling water is a better-for-you option. It also tastes great!

3. Office Coffee Service

A Spartanburg office coffee service makes your break room the hot place to be. We offer many different options. Firstly, traditional brewers keep your whole office happy. That’s because there’s always enough coffee for everyone. Or, get a single-cup brewer. This makes every cup taste fresh. They’re also easy to clean!

Don’t like coffee? We’ve got you covered! Our tea services are great for non-coffee drinkers. Tea is also healthy. Namely, it boosts immunity. Therefore, employees can take fewer sick days.

4. Advanced Technology

Every great Spartanburg break room needs advanced technology. Luckily, Cromer Foods Services has what you need! Our Lightspeed system tracks product inventory. This means your break room always stays stocked.

Better yet, our technology lets employees pay their way. They can pay with cash or credit cards. Our vending machines also accept mobile payments!

Upgrade Your Spartanburg Break Room Services

Want to create an amazing space for your staff? If so, contact Cromer Food Services today. We can help you upgrade your break room. We offer micro-markets, office pantry, office coffee, and vending solutions.

To learn more, contact us today at 800.922.3174 or info@cfsvending.com. We’re excited to hear from you!