Upgrade Your Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, SC Office Coffee Service with a Starbucks Serenade Coffee Machine

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Upgrade Your Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, SC Office Coffee Service with a Starbucks Serenade Coffee Machine

Coffee is the heart of your break room. It’s the perfect morning pick-me-up. Treat employees to quality coffee. How? Add a Starbucks Serenade™ coffee machine. It transforms your office into a Starbucks café. Thus, it’ll give your break room a boost. Employees will love the fresh flavors! Want to get your hands on one? Call Cromer Food Services! We offer the best office coffee service in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson.

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What’s a Starbucks Serenade™ Coffee Machine?

Starbucks coffee in your office breakroom - Cromer Food Services

The Starbucks Serenade™ is a bean-to-cup coffee machine. These Spartanburg office coffee machines grind and brew whole beans. Therefore, coffee always tastes fresh. Additionally, it makes break rooms feel like coffee houses. Employees can enjoy the sounds and smells of a café. Best of all, no barista is needed!

This award-winning brewer makes three types of Starbucks coffee. Users can also make lattes and iced coffee. The large touchscreen makes it easy to order. You can even make hot chocolate. Thus, it’s the perfect brewer for non-coffee drinkers.

Cromer Food Services Will Upgrade Your Office Coffee Service

Ready for better office coffee services? Call Cromer Food Services Today. We’re a proud Starbucks partner. Thus, you’ll always get premium coffee blends and flavors.

Or, get an Anderson single-cup coffee maker. This makes coffee by the pod. Thus, employees can get the perfect amount. No more stale coffee sitting around the break room! Every cup tastes fresh.

We also offer Greenville vending services. Employees can enjoy delicious snacks with their coffee. We carry top-name brands and healthy options. Cromer Food Services also offers Spartanburg micro-market solutions. These mini-stores carry fresh foods and healthy snacks. Employees can make the most of their lunch breaks!

Not in the mood for coffee? Ask us about a beverage vending machine. Employees can buy bottled water, soda, or trendy teas. Or, offer energy drinks and juice. This keeps them healthy and hydrated.

Anderson Coffee Machine | Bean to Cup Brewer | Vending Machines

Cromer Food Services offers fast delivery services. Ask us about online ordering! As a result, your break room stays stocked.

Customized Coffee in Spartanburg, Anderson, and Greenville

Give employees what they want. Cromer Food Services makes this easy. You can personalize your coffee order. For instance, order by your team’s size or preferences. We offer endless flavor options. Try creamy lattes, bold espressos, or fall favorites. You can also get hot chocolate. Everyone on your team has something to drink!

We offer seamless deliveries. This makes your life easier. Your office will always have fresh, flavorful coffee. Need it sooner? Order online. You can buy coffee with just a few clicks.

Get a Better Office Coffee Service

Keep employees happy with a Starbucks Serenade. They’ll enjoy fresh, delicious coffee in minutes. Non-coffee drinkers will also benefit!

Contact Cromer Food Services for more information. We also offer vending, micro-market, and office pantry solutions. Call us today at 800.922.3174. We’re excited to chat with you!