Spread Joy in the New Year with Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Micro-Market Services

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Spread Joy in the New Year with Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Micro-Market Services

Now is the time to spread holiday cheer! Cromer Food Services keeps employees happy long into the New Year. How? With our Greenville micro-market and vending solutions. These make it easy to buy fresh food on-site. Thus, employees can make healthy choices. Micro-market vending services also help employees save money and time. Who doesn’t love that?

Keep reading to learn how Cromer Food Services boosts company morale.

Deliver Better Break Room Experiences

Employee satisfaction starts in the break room. Why? It’s where employees go to unwind and relax. Therefore, make your Spartanburg office break room extra special. Add a micro-market! These mini convenience stores have many break room benefits. For starters, they offer endless options. Employees can buy salads, snacks, wraps, and more. They can also pick up and inspect items. Thus, employees get exactly what they want.

Our micro-markets make break rooms more welcoming. That’s because they have open layouts and modern fixtures. Plus, the self-checkout kiosks make buying items a breeze. Scan products then pay with cash or card. Businesses can also set up prepaid accounts. As a result, employees will skip long checkout lines.

Healthy Food Made Easy 

Help employees reach their New Year’s resolutions with healthy vending machines. Our Greenville vending machines make it easy to make healthier choices. We’re part of the SmartSnack program. Thus, we offer low-fat, low-calorie vending snacks. Employees can buy healthy food 24/7. For instance, they can get baked chips or breakfast bars. This helps employees feel their best. They’ll also be more productive. Thus, healthy vending services also benefit businesses.

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Additionally, Cromer Food Services has healthy micro-market options. We carry Simply Good Jars. These salad jars are packed with freshness. Plus, they’re as delicious as they are nutritious.

Want something else? We’ve got you covered! We’ll personalize your micro-market menu according to employee preferences. Thus, everyone can enjoy their healthy favorites!

Healthy employees are also happy employees! As such, healthy vending improves staff satisfaction.

Subsidized Micro-Market Service Lets You Treat Your Team 

A subsidized micro-market shows employees you care. You can offer deep discounts. Thus, employees pay less for great products. Reward your staff for a job well done. Or, provide discounts to celebrate milestones. This is great for workplace anniversaries and birthdays.

Micro-Market Service Spreads Cheer All Year Long 

Keep employees merry and motivated in the New Year and beyond! Cromer Food Services can help. We’ll take your break room to the next level. Employees can buy quality foods. They’ll also enjoy a welcoming space and discounted products.

Want to learn more? Contact Cromer Food Services at 800.922.3174. We offer vending, micro-market, and office pantry solutions. We’re excited to hear from you!