3 Reasons Your Simpsonville Break Room Needs a Micro-Market

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3 Reasons Your Simpsonville Break Room Needs a Micro-Market

Your team works hard every day. So, why not treat them to better break room solutions? A Simpsonville micro-market is the perfect solution for any company. This mini convenience store has endless options. Thus, employees can buy fresh food on-site. This keeps them happy and healthy!

But does your Simpsonville break room need a micro-market? Absolutely! Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a micro-market.

Customization and Convenience

Firstly, micro-markets are super convenient. Your staff can buy healthy food on-site. For instance, Cromer Food Services carries fresh foods. Get salads, sandwiches, or fruit. Or, offer snacks. Stock racks with nuts and granola bars. Don’t forget the drinks! There’s plenty of room for everything.

You can look at and touch products before buying them. Therefore, Simpsonville employees can make confident decisions. Furthermore, check-out technology makes buying a breeze! Skip long lines. Pay with cash or credit. Or, use your mobile wallet. You’ll avoid driving to stores. Self-order options save you time!

Additionally, our micro-markets are customizable. Have a smaller space? We can help! Cromer can accommodate any office. We’ll also help you pick the perfect products. Mix and match items. This keeps things fresh. Thus, employees won’t get bored.

Add a Simpsonville office coffee service. This keeps employees energized. Or, try a subsidized micro-market. Employees can eat better for less!

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Micro-Markets Boost Morale and Productivity

Simpsonville employees don’t just benefit from micro-markets. Your business will too! Our custom break room solutions boost morale. Fresh food keeps employees healthy. They’ll know you care about their well-being. Therefore, they’ll stick around longer. This improves retention.

Additionally, micro-markets increase productivity. Healthy food helps employees feel their best. Thus, they can work harder. They’ll also take fewer sick days. Plus, employees don’t have to leave the office to buy meals. This saves them time and money! They have more time for relaxing lunch breaks.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Lastly, our technology keeps your micro-market stocked and secure. We use cameras to keep tabs on everything. This reduces theft. We can also track inventory remotely. As a result, we’ll know when you’re running low. Your micro-market stays fully stocked!

Simpsonville micro-markets also save energy, which saves you money. It also protects the planet!

Upgrade Your Break Room with a Micro-Market

Ready for a change? Consider a micro-market for your Simpsonville break room. We can quickly set it up. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits instantly. Your employees can too!

Contact Cromer Food Services today to get started. We can be reached at 800.922.3174. Or email info@cfsvending.com. Ask us about our office pantry, vending, and water filtration solutions. We’re excited to hear from you!