4 Healthy Break Room Tips for Your Spartanburg Office

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4 Healthy Break Room Tips for Your Spartanburg Office

Keeping your break room healthy brings many benefits. When your employees are healthy, they feel better. That means they can focus more at work. Plus, research shows that wellness programs can reduce stress, improve life satisfaction, and even lower rates of depression! It’s easy to start by making your break room a healthier place. Wondering how to get it done? Read on to learn more about healthy break room tips.

Healthy Break Room Tips

Creating a healthy break room is easy! Here are a few suggestions to get started:

Healthy Hydration

Dehydration is a big problem! It’s easy to mistake dehydration for hunger. Yet, grabbing a healthy drink before a snack can help you maintain a healthy weight. Make this an easy choice for your staff! With tasty healthy drinks, your team will be more inclined to stay hydrated. How can you do it? A Spartanburg water filtration system is a great option. Your staff will love having access to pure, fresh water from a countertop or free-standing water filtration system in their Spartanburg break room.

There are many other ways to encourage healthy hydration. Spartanburg beverage vending machines and fruit-infused water are some other options. Investing in an ice maker is yet another way to encourage healthy hydration. Your staff will love sipping a refreshing beverage with ice.

Gourmet Coffee

Coffee and tea are great healthy beverages. Drinking coffee and tea brings many health benefits, such as improved mental health. Plus, these drinks are also beneficial for heart health. Bring these benefits to your employees with our Spartanburg gourmet coffee and tea service! A single-cup office coffee service is a great choice. This type of coffee equipment allows staff to make specialty coffees.

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Healthy Snacks

Working through hunger is no fun. Offer employees complimentary healthy snacks. That way, they’ll never struggle to work while hungry. Employees love items like whole fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, or protein bars. You can also use Spartanburg snack vending services. With our customized vending services, you can even choose which snacks you’d like to offer. That way, you can make health a priority!

Fresh Foods

At lunchtime, it can be tempting to eat fast food or order take-out. Making fresh food available in your break room can make being healthy convenient! Offer a greater variety of nutritious selections that fit into a healthy lifestyle with a micro-market. You can even include specialty items such as gluten-free, organic, etc. Your team is sure to appreciate that you’re meeting their needs. Some examples of healthy foods you can offer include sandwiches, salads, wraps, and frozen meals. That sounds like a great, healthy lunch!

Creating the Best Healthy Spartanburg Break Room for Your Team

With these healthy break room tips, we’re sure you will create an amazing space. Remember to include input from your team as you plan. With their feedback, you’ll be able to meet their needs even better!

Are you ready to create a healthy break room tailored to your team’s needs?  Contact Cromer Food Services at 800.922.3174 or info@cfsvending.com for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, cashless pantry, or vending services. We look forward to working with you!