Your Greenville Break Room and Cromer Food Services Are A Perfect Fit

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Your Greenville Break Room and Cromer Food Services Are A Perfect Fit

From service to technology, sustainability and product options, Cromer Food Services is poised to meet your Greenville break room solutions. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, large or somewhere in between. You can count on us.

Why Cromer Food Services for your Greenville Break Room Solutions?

It comes down to service. When it comes to Greenville free food, fresh food, and healthy options, we’ve got you covered. We are a full service company with a commitment to quality service and products. Our fresh food, Greenville healthy options, and office coffee service include free restocking. Look to us for an all-inclusive service experience! We offer healthy snacks, containers, cups, paper goods, and other essentials.

Our commitment to you makes sure your Greenville break room is top tier. And we’ll go the extra mile to exceed your healthy vending expectations. At Cromer Food Services, we work hard to create happy customers. We give this dedication to our employees too! We’re people-oriented. That value translates to a high employee retention rate, as you can see by our annual holiday party.

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Lots of Options for Greenville

We offer micro-markets combined with service, technology, and sustainability to create an experience you’ll love. And we provide catering from food made in-house to your Greenville location, and beyond. Enjoy hand crafted professionally prepared meals with an executive chef with our catering service. Take your office coffee break room solutions to the next level. Offer piping hot coffee, freshly made 24/7. This vital fuel is an office staple, for early mornings, late nights, and throughout the workday. We take care of everything! From set up, coffee, and cups to regular machine cleaning, we’ll get you the freshest tasting cup every time.

The Latest Technology in Greenville

We’re all-in with technology. You’ll get the latest technology in your Greenville break room, which translates to the best service possible. Easy payment options include self check-out kiosks for micro-market items. Give your employees many ways to pay. We’ll monitor inventory, so you don’t have to. Your break room is always stocked with your employee’s favorite snacks, drinks, and free to staff with our pantry service. Our remote monitoring system tracks your supply levels. This means your break room stays fully stocked! In our warehouse, we use technology as well. For example, our light speed technology uses a pick-to-light system to let us pack the right items for your break room. For customers, a mobile vending app makes service, or product requests, easy.

Break Room Solutions Include Sustainability Efforts

Caring for our planet is important to Cromer Food Services. One way we are eco-friendly is by using energy-efficient vending machines that draw less electricity. This means your break room is always green with us! Plus, you’ll save money. Our coffee machines are efficient, too. We’ll help you reduce waste and recycle hundreds of pounds of cardboard delivered each week.

Our service includes fresh, professional meals, the latest technology, and sustainability efforts.

Hire Cromer Food Services and we’ll take care of you like family. Call us at 800.922.3174 or email us at today for more information!