FLAVIA Coffee Boosts Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Break Rooms

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FLAVIA Coffee Boosts Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Break Rooms

In today’s fast-paced world, FLAVIA coffee is a must-have. It transforms your break room into an Anderson office café. Gourmet Greenville coffee lets employees unwind and recharge. Thus, they’ll return to their desks ready to crush their to-do lists. It also promotes collaboration. The best conversations happen over coffee.

Ready to give your Spartanburg break room coffee service a boost? If so, you need one of these FLAVIA brewers!

FLAVIA AROMA Single-Cup Brewer

Greenville single-cup brewers are perfect for offices of any size. If you have limited space but crave delicious coffee, consider the FLAVIA AROMA. Despite its compact size, it delivers premium-quality coffee. Moreover, users can enjoy a variety of beverages including lattes, teas, cappuccinos, and more! With three drink sizes to choose from, you can customize your beverage to your liking. Say goodbye to messy spills with the easy-to-fill water tank. Plus, customize your cup with just the push of a button!

FLAVIA CREATION 300 Is Great for Midsized Workspaces

Looking for other Spartanburg FLAVIA brewers? Try the FLAVIA CREATION 300! This works best for midsized offices. Get hot and cold drinks brewed in a minute. This brewer makes something for everyone! Users can order iced tea, hot chocolate, and even infused water. Get the coffee house experience without the barista. Employees and clients will both love this brewer!

FLAVIA CREATION 300 + Chill Refresh Keeps Things Chill

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Want more Anderson coffee and drink options? Look no further than the FLAVIA Creation 300 + Chill Refresh brewer. Users can craft 14 café-style drinks. Need an instant refresh? Order a cold drink, like iced tea. Need an energy boost? Enjoy rich, flavorful coffee on tap. This small brewer also fits into just about any space!

FLAVIA CREATION 500 Makes Delicious FLAVIA Coffee

The FLAVIA CREATION 500 is a popular brewer, and for good reason! This sleek brewer makes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and specialty drinks. It’s great for big offices that consume large amounts of coffee. Spartanburg employees can order small, regular, or large cups. Additionally, this brewer is super fast. Nobody will ever be left with an empty mug!

FLAVIA CREATION 600 Makes Break Time Better

Your staff deserves better breaks. Boost their breaks with the FLAVIA CREATION 600 brewer, which keeps large teams fully fueled. That’s because it makes a wide range of drinks. For instance, order coffee, lattes, or cappuccinos. Non-coffee drinkers can get hot chocolate or tea.

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