Boost Satisfaction – and Sales – with a Greenville Hotel Pantry

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Boost Satisfaction – and Sales – with a Greenville Hotel Pantry

Travel can be hard. Make things easier for your Greenville guests and offer your guests a hotel pantry. Adding a vending company with years of experience to your Greenville hotel can increase your hotel value. A hotel pantry can create repeat guests with more loyalty. In fact, this unique amenity can provide guests with food and beverages 24/7, so those late night arrivals and early departures feel valued. Make it easy for them and convenient for you. Boost your guest experience with a custom hotel pantry. We’ll take care of the rest.

Hotel Pantry Benefits

Whether your guests are arriving late or early, access to a place for quick snacks, desserts, and drinks with a pantry service sets your hotel apart. In addition, you can add healthy refreshments, too. With our proven service, you’ll have flexibility and on-trend, healthy snacks. A hotel pantry lets your guests pick from pre-packaged meals and snacks, including fresh food, frozen food, and drinks. A hotel pantry service has bulk items like candy and other items you can pick. You order, we deliver. Your guests reap the benefits.

Create repeat guests with extra amenities offered through the hotel pantry, which increases your hotel’s profitability. It’s an easy way to build loyalty with your guests. Repeat guests are a huge benefit of hotel pantry service. Who doesn’t love a late night treat with M&Ms or Dasani water bottles at a moment’s notice? Guests will appreciate not having to look up the closest grocery store in a place they may be unfamiliar with too.

Hotel Pantry Inventory Made Easy

Order all your items in one spot. Maximize valuable space by customizing your selections. You can order 5 items or 50 items. Order anytime, whether it’s during the night shift or in the office with our Supply Wizards technology. Instead of having to keep track of food and drinks, we provide a one-stop, single vendor service. With Supply Wizards, you can track what sells well and order appropriate amounts.

Greenville Custom Pantry | Hotel Snacks | Guest Benefits

Inventory has never been easier. Discover what’s popular with your guests, such as Popchips, so you never run out. Online ordering makes it handy and easy for you so you can focus on the guest experience instead of storage, ordering, and pickup.

Any Space, Any Budget

Our team will design and build the perfect space for your hotel pantry. One big benefit of a pantry service? Your guests can pick it up, look at the ingredients, and put it back. Or if they want to purchase the item, they can checkout with your employees. This creates a sense of home, due to the grocery store convenience within their own hotel.

You won’t need to store stock or extra product because our online ordering services takes the need to store product off your shoulders. Save space with the ability to order items individually, so there isn’t a need to store extra products, especially when there isn’t room to do so.

Customize selections with a single distributor: Cromer Food Services. Instead of having to keep track of food and drinks from multiple places, then worrying about finding time to pick the products up, you can simply hire us.

One Place, One Solution

Cromer Food Services has a talented team, ready to build the perfect space for your hotel pantry. When the word gets out you’re offering a healthy hotel pantry service at your Greenville location, you can expect repeat guests. Why? Because they will feel cared for, which is every hotel’s goal for guests. And it’s an easy way to boost your Greenville hotel’s profitability.

If you’re ready to hire us for your hotel in Greenville, South Carolina, give us a call at 800.922.3174 or email us at We’re in Spartanburg and Anderson, too. We hope to hear from you soon!