5 Reasons to Choose Cromer Food Services for Your Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Food Vending Services

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5 Reasons to Choose Cromer Food Services for Your Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Food Vending Services

Looking for ways to improve your break room? If so, start with your food vending machines. Employees can buy high-quality products 24/7. They’ll feel fuller longer. Thus, they’ll be more productive. Hunger makes it hard to concentrate. Need help? Cromer Food Services has you covered. We provide top-notch food vending services to Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson offices.

Here are five reasons why we’re better than the rest.

1. We Have the Freshest Vending Machine Food

Employees want to feel their best. Cromer Food Services can help them do just that. How? We offer fresh, healthy vending food. That’s because we make everything in-house. We also provide locally produced food. Plus, we’re minutes from your Greenville break room. Other companies are hundreds of miles away. Therefore, employees enjoy the freshest vending options. They’ll love our healthy vending machines!

We take health and safety seriously. Need proof? Our facility is clean and modern. Thus, everything is ready to be prepped before delivery.

2. Customers Love Our Food Vending Service

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Cromer Food Services is the go-to provider for Spartanburg vending machine services. But don’t take our word for it. See what our happy customer, Annette, has to say:

“We have a great relationship with Cromer. They do a wonderful job stocking products. If machines ever have any issues, they immediately fix the problem!”

Cromer is committed to our customers. We also do our part to protect the planet. This is because of our cutting-edge vending technology. We remotely track your machines. Thus, we’ll know when they’re running low. We can make deliveries as needed. This means fewer delivery trips and less gas wasted.

Have questions? Contact us today. Ask for Jeff. Our friendly staff is always happy to help. We hire only the best!

3. Great Micro-Market Alternatives

Short on space? Consider our vending machine service. It’s a great alternative to Anderson micro-markets. Employees can still buy premium products. We regularly check expiration dates. Cromer will restock your machines as needed. Therefore, your staff will always enjoy the freshest foods. Get space-saving solutions for fresh food in a pinch!

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4. Customized Micro-Markets

If you have the space, consider adding a Grenville micro-market. These mini on-site stores improve staff satisfaction. Employees have more options. For instance, they can buy snacks, meals, and beverages. Micro-markets are open 24/7. Thus, employees can always grab fresh food.

We’ll build the perfect micro-market for your office. Choose the size, style, and layout. You can also personalize the menu!

5. Food Vending Services Tailored to You

Micro-markets aren’t the only service Cromer customizes. We offer vending solutions that meet your unique needs. Personalize your product selection. For example, choose foods for the staff’s preference or dietary needs. You can also pick machine types, payment methods, and usage frequency. The options are endless!

Choose Cromer for Your Food Vending Solutions

Want better vending services? Contact Cromer Food Service today! We offer fresh food, more options, and five-star service.

Call 800.922.3174. Ask us about our office pantry, micro-market, and vending solutions.