Why the SmartSnack Program is a Must-Have for Your Spartanburg Break Room

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Why the SmartSnack Program is a Must-Have for Your Spartanburg Break Room

Today’s workforce wants employers to help them live amazing lives. As such, many Spartanburg offices have set up workplace wellness programs. This helps employees make healthier eating choices. Not only do healthy employees feel better, but they work harder. Want to keep your team on track? Healthy food is a good place to start! Our SmartSnack program makes this easy.

Here’s why your Spartanburg break room needs a SmartSnack program.

SmartSnack Provides Employees with Fresh Food

Firstly, what is Cromer’s SmartSnack program? This exclusive program provides employees with healthy options. Instead of sugary sweets, you can munch on healthy vending options. For example, we carry low-fat chips. Or, grab a breakfast bar from the snack vending machine!

Secondly, SmartSnack has fresh food. You can also choose organic options. Therefore, employees have easy access to wholesome food on-site. Skip the drive to the store. Load up on nutritious options in the break room instead!

Finally, we offer catering options through our in-house commissary. Offering fresh food for your business is a nice way to provide smart, healthy, and fresh items. Whether it’s once a year or several times a month, we can provide healthy selections.

Best of all, we do the thinking for you. We’ll help you pick a variety of options your staff will love!

Help Employees Feel Their Best

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Your company needs a strong wellness culture. Both your business and your team will benefit! Healthy employees stay energized. As a result, they’ll be more focused. Thus, they can get more work done. Attendance rates will also rise. Employees who feel their best take fewer sick days. This improves your bottom line.

Furthermore, wellness programs promote engagement. More employees will eat lunch together in the break room. They can grab healthy snacks from your Spartanburg office pantry. Or, they can buy bottled water from the beverage vending machine. More coworkers in the break room mean more conversations. As a result, they can chat and build strong bonds. This boosts staff morale.

As you can see, our SmartSnack program keeps employees happy and healthy!

Cromer is the Perfect Workplace Wellness Partner

Do you want healthier break room services? If so, contact Cromer Food Services now! Many Spartanburg businesses trust our solutions. That’s because our services are all-inclusive. Think of us as a one-stop shop. We offer Spartanburg micro-markets and office coffee. Plus, we also restock your snacks and drinks. Your break room will always be full!

Additionally, we’ll help keep your employees healthy. Our SmartSnack program provides them with fresh foods. They’ll love the tasty, high-quality options. Best of all, our service is second to none!

Keep Your Staff Healthy with SmartSnack

Want to learn more about our SmartSnack program? If so, we’d love to chat! Don’t forget to ask us about an office coffee service or an office pantry service.

Contact us today at 800.922.3174. Fresh food is on the way!