How a Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Snack Vending Machine Supports Healthy Habits

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How a Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Snack Vending Machine Supports Healthy Habits

Did you know that one-third of Americans snack at least once a day? That’s right! Additionally, 40% swap out meals for snacks. This is especially true for lunch. Thus, a Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson snack vending machine benefits your employees. They’ll stay full all day long!

Want to learn why? If so, please keep reading!

The Science of Healthy Snacks

Healthy Spartanburg machine snacks are break room must-haves. They keep employees feeling full. Additionally, healthy office snacks help maintain blood sugar levels. Therefore, employees feel alert. They can perform at their best.

Better-for-you options also improve your mood. Research shows that fresh foods help your brain produce more “happy” chemicals. Thus, employees will be cheery. This improves office morale.

Studies have found that Americans love snacking on fruit, cookies, chips, popcorn, nuts, and crackers. Lucky for you, Cromer Food Services offers all these snacks and more! Employees can buy healthy foods from our Spartanburg vending machines. We have products your crew craves.

Best of all, they never have to sacrifice quality. This is true even if employees skip lunch. Our snacks keep them full all day long!

Healthy Snack Vending Machine Perks

Adding healthy vending machines to your Greenville office comes with tons of perks! These include:

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  • Increased productivity: As we previously mentioned, healthy snacks boost productivity. Employees will be more focused and alert. Thus, they will get more work done.
  • Workplace wellness: Help employees feel their best. Healthy snacks for the office promote workplace wellness. How? They prevent overeating. Additionally, snacks like nuts and fruit support heart health.
  • Save time and money: Running short on time? Don’t worry! Skip the drive to the store. Visit the vending machine instead. Employees can load up on better-for-you options. They’ll also save money.

Trust Your Snacking Needs to Cromer Food Services

Choose Cromer Food Services for all of your healthy snacking needs! Why us? For starters, we are Anderson break room experts. We have been in the industry for 36+ years. With us, you’re in good—and capable—hands.

Secondly, we offer tons of snacking options. Have a sweet tooth? We have candy, cookies, and tasty treats. Crave something salty? Cromer has chips and nuts. We also have healthy snacking options. We have breakfast bars and low-fat popcorn chips. Yum!

We also use the latest vending technology. For instance, we can monitor your machines in real-time. Therefore, we’ll keep them fully stocked. Never run low on snacks again!

Meet Your Next Snack Vending Machine Partner

Keep employees satisfied with healthy vending snacks. We will customize our services to fit your exact needs. Cromer Food Services also offers micro-market, office coffee, and office pantry solutions.

Contact Cromer Food Services today by calling 800.922.3174 for more information. We will help your team snack smarter! We look forward to hearing from you soon!