Vending machines throughout LavoniaWhen smart business owners (and managers) want the best vending available in Lavonia, they turn to Cromer Food Services — and for good reason!

With our excellent selection of vending products, great equipment and friendly staff, we make the vending experience pleasant from start to finish. Our many years in the business means we understand our customers and care out their needs — whether they’re in Lavonia or anywhere in the surrounding area.

Choose Cromer Food Services for any of the following vending services:

The Vending Machines Lavonia Teams Love

We’ll also keep your Lavonia business well-stocked with snacks from our cold food vending machines, healthy vending machines, and traditional vending machines. Our beverage service includes your choice of juices, sodas and waters, served up in our Pepsi vending machines and Coca Cola vending machines.

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in Lavonia

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Lavonia

Keep the coffee machines on and your employees running strong with our awesome office coffee service! We can provide all the coffee equipment you need, as well as fun extras such as flavored teas and coffees and single cup coffee systems. Our water units, meanwhile, are plumbed into your building’s water supply, so they’re easier to use than those heavy water jugs, and save time on endless refilling.

Lavonia’s Self-Serve Micro-Market Kiosks

When you’re looking to take your vending program to the next level, it may be time to try the micro-market concept! With a series of open racks and coolers, they have the look of a small corner store — and their self-checkout kiosks make paying with a credit card or debit card super easy. Lavonia business owners love the convenience, and their employees love the selection!

Whatever you’re looking for in your vending program, chances are Cromer Food Services can provide!

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