Jefferson’s Number One Vending Machine Supplier

Cromer Food Services has Jefferson, Georgia covered with the best variety of vending machines stocked with the best variety of snacks, foods and drinks. From office coffee vending machines to beverage machines (Coke and Pepsi), our machines are reliable and our inventory is complete, with the traditional brands you know and new, healthier fare.

Get Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Jefferson

Jefferson office coffee and water filtration service Whether you’re looking to provide traditional brewing equipment or single-cup brewing machines, Cromer has what you need, with the wide selection of coffee and teas to go with them.

Beyond the best coffee brand, we offer water filtration services to give you high quality water at your Jefferson office. These systems are plumbed right into your water supply, producing great tasting water – hot or cold – directly from the tap.

Micro-Markets Have Come to Jefferson

Jefferson vending machinesLooking to do something really different with your Jefferson breakroom? Check out Cromer’s Micro-Market offering. We outfit your office with its very own convenience store, adapted to the space you have available. We provide and stock the attractive racks and coolers with an outstanding variety of snacks, beverages and food items, but what makes Micro-Markets really special is they are completely self-service. Customers come in, pick and choose what they want, scan it and swipe a card themselves at the self-service kiosks.

Have more questions? We’re ready to help. Call Cromer at 800-922-3174 or e-mail