Vending Machine provider in Greer

Don’t make the mistake of missing out on the best vending Greer has to offer! It’s right here at Cromer Food Services. From delicious foods to delightful drinks, our full line of vending products will help keep your entire team happy.

Greer’s Best Vending Machines

For beverages, choose from our selection of Coca Cola vending products and Pepsi vending products. For snacks, we can provide traditional vending machines, cold food vending machines, healthy vending machines and more.


Water Filtration and Office Coffee Service throughout Greer

Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration your Greer Employees Will Crave

And don’t forget the coffee! From basic coffee equipment to elaborate setups that include flavored coffees and teas or single cup systems, we have all the coffee supplies you need to run your Greer business well.

With our water filtration systems, you can say goodbye to heavy 5-gallon jugs. Our systems are plumbed-in, giving you fresh water with only the press of a button.

Greer’s Micro-Markets are Found at Cromer

If you’re looking to offer an even more comprehensive line of refreshments for your Greer business, go with the micro-market! They have the look and feel of a small convenience store, but they’re self-serve and offer a kiosk that accepts debit and credit cards. It’s a new and fun way to offer even better vending for your visitors and staff.

With so many great options, what more could you ask for? Get in touch with Cromer Food Services at or 800-922-3174 to get started.


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