Vending Machines in Seneca

You need vending services for your Lauren area business — so look no further! Cromer Food Services is proud to serve you and your staff and customers with a full line of vending products and services. From basic setups to entire areas dedicated to vending, we’re here for you and all your vending needs.

The Vending Machines your Gaffney Team Loves

Need a basic Coca Cola vending machine or Pepsi vending machine? We’ve got it. Want to add onto your existing vending program with healthy vending machines or cold food vending machines? We’re here for you.


Office Coffee Service and water filtration in Seneca

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service for all of Gaffney

Start the days off right with great office coffee service your entire Laurens team will appreciate. We have the coffee makers and coffee equipment you need, as well as the single cup systems and flavored coffees and teas that make the day just a little bit brighter.

Why settle for water delivery service when you can have your very own plumbed-in water filtration system? At Cromer Food Services, that’s what we offer all our vending clients; clean, great tasting hot and cold water at the simple press of a button.

Micro-Markets Provide Even More Variety for Gaffney

For the widest selection of refreshments available in Laurens, look to the micro-market concept. This setup gives your break room the look and feel of a small corner store, complete with open racks and coolers and a self-pay kiosk that conveniently accepts both credit and debit cards.

If you’re on the hunt for vending services for your Laurens business, why wait? Get in touch with Cromer Food Services by emailing, or call us at 800-922-3174 to start the conversation.


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